Difference Between MVC and Web API

Introduction This article explains the differences between ASP.NET Model View Controller (MVC) and the ASP.NET Web API and will also explain when to use the Web API with the MVC. Overview of MVC Model View Controller (MVC) divides an application into the three parts, Model, View, and Controller. ASP.NET has many options for creating Web applications using the ASP.NET Webforms. MVC framework Combines the ASP.NET features such as Master Pages, Membership based authentication. MVC exists in the "System.Web.MVC" assembly. The components that are included by the MVC: Models:  Models are the objects used to retrieve and store the model state in the database.  Let's see an example. There is an "item" object that fetches the data from the database and performs an operation and then stores the updated data into the database. If an application only reads the dataset and sends it to the view then the application does not have any associated class and phys

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